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Messages for 6/30 Nagoshi no harae

Greetings friends,


Thank you for joining us this week for the group lightwave activation.

Here are the spirit messages to support with the Summer Purification & Prayer Blessing. 






Start of message:

The message coming through today during our group session. Is that on a planetary level. We are now receiving more of the sun’s quantum energy as well as galactic activation codes through the incoming solar energies and light rays. This is changing the magnetics of the the planet, as well as how our own energy fields operate and manifest within the quantum field. The new magnetic energy penetrating the planet functions best through a heart based coherence or an open and receiving heart. So if we get too stuck in the mental concepts or the mind now, we can start to feel stuck, chaos, conflict or confusion. Ways to break away from overstimulated mind include: gratitude, trust, surrender, compassion, and unconditional love. These virtues are fuel for manifesting and aligning with highest potentials of a given reality as we move into this summer and coming year.



This new quantum energy from the galactic core & sun is creating a global ‘initiation’ similar to initiations that were taken in the past by certain adepts or spiritual masters. The energy is heightened here on earth now and it is magnetically charged to clear density, illusion, fear, ego and lower vibrating energies. Which is why it may appear to some right now, as if the world has gone a bit mad, crazy, bazaar, or riddled with fear or insanity. This initiation energy is being revealed through a global ‘virus’. Which is a culmination of collective shadow being revealed, as the shadow is now being purged and transmuted from the earth matrix field. The ‘virus’ is on a fear based time-line converging with the reality of the awakening time-line for all to see. However it is fueled by the mental concept of fear within the collective mind and carbon based DNA. And it will be healed spiritually within the heart, and within the activated crystalline DNA. This crystalline DNA within each of us, is now being activated at higher levels through incoming solar energies. The virus will eventually disappear, once we have reached a critical mass, or collective awakening of enough souls who have anchored and activated their heart centers more fully.

銀河のコアと太陽からのこの新しい量子エネルギーは、あるレベルの熟達者またはスピリチュアルマスターによって過去に行われたイニシエーション(秘密結社の入会の儀式)と同様のグローバルな「イニシエーション」を作成しています。現在、エネルギーは地球上で高められており、密度、幻想、恐怖、自我、および振動エネルギーをクリアするためにチャージされています。世界が少し怒って、狂って、混沌としているか、恐怖や狂気が充満しています、いま明らかにされつつある理由です。このイニシエーションのエネルギーは、グローバルな「ウイルス」を通じて明らかにされています。集合的な影の集積が明らかになっています。現在、影は地球の土台から切り離され、変化しています。 「ウイルス」は、すべての人がわかる目覚めのタイムラインと現実と恐怖ベースのタイムライン上にあります。しかし、それは集団的心理の恐怖という精神的概念と炭素ベースのDNAによって加速されています。しかしそれは心の中で活性化された結晶DNAの中で霊的に癒されます。私たち一人ひとりの体内にあるこの結晶DNAは、太陽エネルギーの流入により、より高いレベルで活性化されています。ウイルスが臨界に達するか、完全に固定して活性化させた十分な魂の集合的な目覚めに達すると、ウイルスは最終的に消えます。



The group lightwave session this week, was focused on clearing the density, as well as aligning the magnetics for each participant. To more easily work with the incoming galactic frequencies and sun’s codes. So that in aligning with the new magnetics, manifesting for participants becomes more joyful, fluid, and natural.

今週のグループLightwaveアクティベートセッションは、密度をクリアすることと、各参加者の磁気を揃えることに焦点が当てられました。 到着しつつあり銀河の周波数と太陽のコードをより簡単に操作するため。 そのため、新しい磁気に合わせて、参加者の願い、より楽しく、流動的で、自然になります。


Recommendations for integrating lightwave energies after this session as well as working with the incoming sun code energies include:


Stay adequately hydrated.

Be sure to get adequate electrolytes

Stay grounded (touch a tree, earth, soil, nature) often. This helps to bring clarity, balance, grounding, aligning with magnetics.

Release situation or person not working now. Only you can decide. Something may be time to move on from.

Confront something or someone that may be needed. Now is the time.

Put effort towards what you want to grow and build. Rewards come through focused intention.

Show compassion for self and others.

Be patient, trust more.

Go into the heart, and spend less time in the mind with worry.

Heart heals






頻繁にグラウンディングしてください(木、土、土、自然に触れてください)。 これは、透明性、バランス、接地、磁気との整合をもたらすのに役立ちます。

現在うまく行っていない状況や人は解放しなさい。 あなただけが決めることができます。 何か先に進む時間かもしれません。

必要になるかもしれない何かまたは誰かに立ち向かいます。 今がその時です。

成長させたいものに力を入れましょう。 報酬は、フォーカスした意図を通じてもたらされます。






End of group message.


Your names will stay on the lightwave altar for 7 days to help strengthen the power of this session with beautiful fresh flowers to support in strengthening this Summer purification and Prayer Blessing as we continue to move forward into this summer. As well personal wishes have been blessed for this ceremony.



あなたの名前は7日間Lightwaveの祭壇に留まり、この夏の浄化と祈りの祝福の強化をサポートする美しい生花でこのセッションの力を強化します。 同様に、個人的な願いがこのセレモニーで祝福されました。












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