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豊かさを手に入れる方法は簡単だった  クオンタムヒーリングのメッセージ 3月16日開催分



Divine Abundance を神聖な繁栄と訳していましたが、全体的に見ると「神の恵み」の方がよさそうです。

「神聖な繁栄」 = 「神の恵み」と頭の中で置き換えながら読んでいって下さい。



The ‘Receiving Divine Abundance Activation’ was a rich success last night. As a deep and enchanting storm passed through the location of this blessing. The high winds took the ceremony prayers on an accelerated quickening of manifestation for your benefit.  This also increased communication with angels and spiritual guides, as wind is the element of deeper communication.  Especially with heavenly deities. Each person’s name was included on the altar, and in addition transferred energetically into a rose petal with sacred intention. The rose petals were then placed in a beautiful glass tray with water and lighted candles in the middle of this sacred offering. To continue bringing additional power to this blessing. Candles will be burning all week for the participants of this sacred activation. So let’s get to the messages.





But before we begin, the guides wish to thank you for bringing your openness forward receive this divine blessing. 



Now here are some spiritual messages to help with integrating this blessing more fully. 

2 oracle cards were drawn prior to this ceremony. The first was called time. And interestingly, the message on the card states ‘The Celestial Throne calls to the wind’!  The bigger message here. Is that the wind creates a quickening effect with time. Bringing about greater manifestations. So not only have these energies been activated for your benefit. But you may also achieve increased positive effects through conscious time and wind alignment.

The guides ask:

Have you been waiting a long time for your prayers to be answered?

Do you feel like things are happening too slowly or too quickly?

Do you feel that there is not enough time in the day to achieve your heart’s desires?

Then stop, and pay attention. Time is on your side, if you will allow it.


このセレモニーに先立ち2枚のオラクルカードをひきました。最初の1枚は時間 (Time)、このカードのメッセージは天界の玉座が風と共に訪問するです。









More can be achieved now through ‘no-time’ or the zero point of the quantum field. Which is accessed through meditation and heart centered focus. Because more can be accomplished when the heart is truly open and the mind is calm. They say that prayer is asking and meditation listening. Yet meditation is also a form of receiving! Because we receive messages from our angels and guides more clearly through silence, as well as other blessings.  So if you are not getting what you want in life, it’s time to slow down, breathe deep and relax. Because stress and anxiety actually slow down time (making it all seem harder and longer) working against your abundance! Relaxation and meditation quickens time, increasing your abundance. There is also a saying. That if you don’t have a half hour to meditate, then an hour is needed.  This is a perfect example of paradox wisdom. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Even spending time in nature is a form of meditation, as well as doing the dishes. Especially if the the mind is in still and calm. 








Now, the second card drawn prior to this ceremony is called Crown. A message on this card is ‘Gold as the cup fills with dreams – Receive the gifts offered from mother earth.’ This message relates to our capacity to receive and have our dreams realized fully. Which is what we also set forth as the intention for this ceremony. The guides ask:

Do you have a cup that is half full or half empty now?

Do you recognize the abundance and bounty of mother earth?

Can you appreciate gold in all forms, not just money?

One of the surest ways to block abundance is with negative thinking or ingratitude. That is when ones cup is usually empty. The optimist see’s the cup as half full, and always has more. Not necessarily because they have more. But because the feeling of appreciation and gratitude, inspires us feel prosperous and abundant. Which then automatically attracts more good and abundance into our lives.  Each day the guides invite you to discover more and more to be thankful for. And you shall always easily receive divine abundance! For a man with just a loaf of bread can be happy in the feeling of appreciation, and a man with a mansion can be poor, in the feeling of ingratitude! It’s always a choice.








There is also plenty of abundance in Mother Nature. The guides say that each moment spent appreciating a beautiful flower, connecting to the sand, trees, ocean, sunsets, feeling the soft breeze. Is divine abundance in form. Do you recognize this? Can you see gold at your doorstep? Is it money you seek? A house? A new car? A promotion? Or something else? What if divine abundance was much more than this? Could it be more?

The sun shines a beautiful gold color and creates life on earth! You too are life on earth! You have the rays of the sun within you. Therefore you are automatically a spark of divine abundance. At night however, when the sun goes down everything gets dark. This is when we cannot easily see our abundance. So we think that we do not have it. Because we cannot see with our two eyes all that is abundant within and around us. The guides say that now is the time to see with the ‘spiritual heart’. Which goes beyond the light and dark of duality. In order to do this, we must understand that even when the sun goes down, it has never really left us. It is always with us, but just slightly out of view. So to see it. As we tune into our spiritual heart with the feeling of appreciation and gratitude, a sense of lightness begins to permeate our being. And divine abundance comes into view again. Do you see? This is not really about having. It’s about seeing! So use your spiritual eyes, do discover the abundance that already exists all around you!




Now some of you may want some practical advice. So the guides say that as they tuned into the energy of the participants. This was a big something coming through. They said that one of the blocks to receiving divine abundance that many of the participants had. Was ‘not complimenting the self enough’. Which results in an unworthy energy that blocks the flow of good. So please ask yourselves, when is the last time you actually complimented yourself? Because each time you say or think a negative statement about yourself. It generates a debit in your checking account. Then no matter how much good comes your way, you are always in debt. But each time you say or think a positive statement about yourself or another person. It generates a credit in your checking account. Although it may feel weird at first to compliment yourself. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the richer you start to feel and the more abundant you actually become. So the guides invite you to cultivate this daily habit! Of complimenting self and others. To increase your willingness to receive divine abundance. Genuinely compliment yourself and others like it’s going out of style! And you will always have a credit balance to buy the newest fashions or set sail to your favorite vacation spot!





The guides show, that the energy is very intense right now, and the best way to stay open to the energies of this blessing. Is to use time in your favor! Don’t rush it! Slow down. Pause, breathe and notice all the rich divine abundance currently around you. So that when you start to see more. You can handle it! If you are rushing about, you may miss the very thing that you wish to view in your reality! So if it’s not currently visible. Open your spiritual heart through the energy of appreciation and gratitude, to see the light! That already exists within you and others!

And lastly, find your passions! This is the energy that will fuel you into success and receiving further divine abundance! So spend some time daily doing things you love. Even if it’s just as simple as having a cup of your favorite tea. Small things, lead to bigger ones. So count your blessings.



This ceremony will continue to work in your favor for the next several days and weeks to come. So please have patience, relax, and stay open to receive. After the candles stop burning, your rose petals will be buried in mother earth, where they will be warmly nurtured by the rain and sun of the coming seasons. Bringing positive energy to your already unfolding divine abundance!

So get ready….




Because infinite blessings are coming your way!

And most importantly. Congratulations, on doing such a great job of being in this world, and receiving the energies of this ceremony. Your light is brighter than you think, and your wings are softer than the whispers of the angelic wind! 

Can you see it?




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