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Achieve Dreams & Goals Lightwave Blessing.

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Greetings friends,

Thank you for joining us energetically for today’s Achieve Dreams & Goals Lightwave Blessing.
Here are the spirit messages to support with today’s blessing:  

本日の夢と目標を達成するLightwave Blessingにご参加いただき、誠にありがとうございます。



Start of message:





Today’s oracle message is drawn from the Gratitude Oracle guidebook by A. Hartfield to support with integration of today’s energies.



“Seek out or study, or engage in hobbies that captivate you. When you actively seek out new information, you develop your memory, self confidence and creativity, improve your resourcefulness and motivation and feel more positive. Fresh experience, know-how and learning add value to your life. New knowledge is a reward in itself, and the time you invest in finding your passions will bring you into contact with people who may share the same ideals as you. Learning something new can boost your enthusiasm and positive energy.



There are many ways to learn. Self-teaching is becoming ever more possible due to online courses and instructional videos. You can also find books that hold the knowledge you seek. If you commit fifteen minutes an evening to reading, you may be amazed at how quickly you expand your mind. You can also listen to audiobooks when you are in transit, especially if you have a long commute.



Eliminate habits that are time wasters or allow you to disengage during the day. These might include watching endless amounts of television, playing video games or perusing social media. Be positive and passionate as you seek your next area of learning. Aligning your desire to learn with passion or interest will support your ability to stick with your study and achieve goals.”



Prayer affirmation: I am grateful for my ability to seek out new information.



Today we used energetic lightwave infusions of rose for joy, frankincense and myrr for grounding & spiritual blessings, rose quartz for heart opening, gold for miracles, shamrock magic for manifesting dreams, string magic for manifesting visions and dream fulfillment, blue starfire for renewed energy and power, geometry’s of light for angelic support and chakra balancing, the shift template for supporting aligning to the new earth frequency, Mary Magdalene cosmic essence for realigning the energy field to one’s true destiny and purpose. We also brought in the energies and frequencies of synchronicity, flow, magic, good luck, joy, dream fulfillment, clarity, miracles, manifesting, fortune, and rainbows to bring positive blessings for all participants going into the new year of 2022! .

今日、私たちは喜びのためにバラ、グラウンディングとスピリチュアルな祝福のためにフランキンセンスとミルラ、心を開くためにローズクォーツ、奇跡のために金、夢を表現するためのシャムロックマジック、ビジョンと夢の実現のためにストリングマジック、新たなエネルギーとパワーのために青いスターファイア、天使のサポートとチャクラのバランスをとるための光の幾何学、新しい地球の周波数への調整をサポートするためのシフトテンプレート、エネルギーフィールドを自分の本当の運命と目的に再調整するためのマグダラのマリアの宇宙の本質。また、シンクロニシティ、フロー、魔法、幸運、喜び、夢の実現、明晰さ、奇跡、顕現、幸運、虹のエネルギーと頻度を取り入れて、2022年の新年に入るすべての参加者に前向きな祝福をもたらしました! 。


Be open to allowing the lightwave frequencies to integrate for your benefit. 2022 is going to be a year of quickening, new relationships and new foundations will start to form while old foundations and toxic relationships will crumble! Allow what no longer serves your highest good and well-being to release from your life. This creates space for the new blessings, opportunities and gifts going into the new year of 2022!

あなたの利益のためにLigtwaveを統合できるように心を開いてください。 2022年は加速の年になり、古い基盤と有毒な関係が崩壊する一方で、新しい関係と新しい基盤が形成され始めます!もはやあなたの最高の幸福に役立たないものがあなたの人生から解放されるのを許してください。これにより、2022年の新年に向けて、新しい祝福、機会、贈り物のためのスペースが生まれます。

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