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09月29日 Lightwave メッセージ

Thank you for participating in the group Lightwave session “DNA Activation Strands 1-12”.


Today we activated all 12 DNA strands with Lighwave and matrixes representative as follows:


Strands 1,2, 3: Upgrades, recharges and restructures the physical body systems. Restores the connections, pathways and communications between the physical organs and other body systems. This code includes DNA enhancements from the Pleiadian genetic line.


Strands 4,5 6: Upgrades the mental processes. Enhances one’s ability to think multi-directionally. Enables one to make decisions quickly and find options and solutions more easily. This code includes DNA enhancements from the Sirian genetic line.


Strands 7,8,9: Strengthens all the energetic body system and etheric connections, including all the chakras, psychic systems, galactic seals, personal Akashic Records and auric energy fields. This code includes DNA enhancements from the Arcturian genetic line.


Strands 10,11, 12: Creates inter-dimensional connections with all other aspects of oneself including one’s Higher Self and Over Soul. This code includes DNA enhancements from the Andromedan genetic line.


We also etherically went as a group to the Sedona DNA Medicine wheel to receive real time planetary updates/activations, as well as Cathedral Rock Sedona for energy upgrades and Mount Shasta temple complex for activation of acceleration codes within the DNA as guided by spirit and chosen for the group during this session. There was also energy provided from the original 13 crystal skull templates to support activating and upgrading the DNA for all participants. Each person will receive whatever their higher selves is open to, and the energies will continue to integrate over the next several weeks. A few messages came in for the group today that I will pass along now. First hearing a voice as follows:


“You don’t realize how beautiful that you truly are!”


Please take a moment to absorb and drink that in…………….


“You don’t realize how truly beautiful that you are!”.


End of message.


Now, a major area of activation today was the throat chakra. So don’t be surprised if you feel some energy move there over the next few weeks. As gifts were provided for each participant with this DNA activation that will support a ‘voice activation’ on a certain level. And the way I was shown this is that each person now when they speak, will carry more within their voice that will activate others energetically. Through the energy upgrades, this will support in carrying certain transmissions through the field that were previously dormant.


Further all recipients shall be made aware over the coming days and weeks of special gifts they were previously unaware. So pay close attention! In addition more ability to absorb energy codes from the incoming solar rays will become manifest for all. Due to the upgrades. As there is more space now to hold this information within the body. So to recharge your batteries, it is recommended to take advantage of this and spend some time in the sun each day to nourish your bodies. As new codes come in daily and peek during specific cycles and astrological events as well.


The activation will further support in bringing members more fully into connection with their soul family, increasing the odds for soul mate connections. We were also visited by eagle’s representative of seeing the bigger picture, as well as horse spirit medicine for freedom. Bears for releasing fear, and deer medicine for gentle integration. Due to the large amounts of energy brought in and which will be processed by each recipient as they integrate more fully. I am shown to pay attention to your dreams over the course of the next several days. As more information and messages will be provided. And so as to not overwhelm the transmission. We will end things on that note. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help with energy integration and rest as needed.


Today we used beautiful white Chrysanthemums in the grid, where your names will stay on the altar for 1 week with a candle lit. To help strengthen this transmission.


Many blessings!

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