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9月1日 Lightwave ヒーリングセッション 天使のメッセージ






Thank you for participating in the group lightwave session ‘Strengthen connection to Spiritual Support Team and Guardian Angels.’ The session was successful and will continue to integrate over the next several hours and days for your benefit. So you are invited to just rest into this blessing as it works to support and integrate for your highest levels of empowerment. 


Here is the group spirit message from today’s group lightwave session.

Every single participant already has psychic senses that they open to and using in their life at this time. The energetic infusions we used today will help to strengthen those centers as well asactivate dormant senses or abilities. Which will help you to make a stronger connection to your spiritual support team.

今日のLightwave sessionに精霊たちからのメッセージが来ています。


However in order to recognize the gifts one already has and which will continue to increase and grow through time. The guides and angels said that a certain recognition must come from the elements of ‘control’ and ‘not receiving’. As both of these areas can block recognition and therefore stunt connection, growth, and opening more fully to intuitive gifts. However when referring to control, the angels say that they are not referring to control as in ‘controlling outcomes or situations’. But rather they are referring to releasing controlof situations or outcomes. As ‘releasing control’ takes one into a vision quest of psychic senses more deeply and allows one to put aside hopes, judgments and expectations. Which then allows one to receive the messages being communicated much more clearly.


For example in meeting someone new, a person may get very excited to feel a great attraction for another. So through that excitement they may then set up hopes, expectations and wishes about where that relationship will go. As a result they may then choose to ignore signs that they are intuitively receiving, that the situations is not helpful to them. And as a result of not followingtheir intuitive feelings, hunches and guidance, may begin to shut down their intuition and use it less or with much doubt and uncertainty. This leads to making poor choices and a pattern of not receiving or not listening to messages from angels and guides.  So in order to receive the highest benefits of this session. The angels and guides encourage all participants to recognize the value of ‘letting go of the need or desire to control people, outcomes or situations’ and simplyallow and listen to the inner guidance being provided. This may come in the form of body sensations, nudges, visions, feelings, synchronicities, dreams etc. 


Each time a choice is made from intuition over ‘wanting things to be differently’ or ‘expectations’ the intuition grows stronger, the connection to spiritual support team increases and new paths open up that allow for even greater opportunities, blessings and gifts to unfold.


And since each of you have been tapping into a variety of ‘frequency bands’ of spiritual senses already. This session will simply open the ‘rainbow frequency’ more easily allowing you to have access to increased frequency bands in the spiritual realm that your higher self is ready to explore. However, some of you may have fears about using your gifts fully or in trusting the messages that you are receiving due to past life issues or collective consciousness wounds that you consciously or subconsciously attach to through your family lineage, cellular memories or associations with other memories.  


This can create resistance and blockages. So in order to access fully the gifts available to you. Facing those fears is a pre-requisite. For example if you have a fear of aliens, abductions, imprisonment or someone taking or stealing your power are examples. You may then subconsciously or consciously shut down your intuition due to ‘not wanting to see’ or ‘fear punishment or pain’. However with intention you may use your intuitive guidance to go more deeply into these situations and meet them head on. You may also ask your spiritual support team to guide you past these fears as they may come up, and they are also happy to help. We also asked to bring in specific energetic infusions today that will help each participant to clear such the fears and move through them with support if applicable and as needed. .


The guides also encourage participants to be mindful of what foods they are eating, as choosing heavier foods makes it harder to ‘dial in’ to higher frequencies and receive messages. However choosing lighter foods, seems to provide most people with easier access to intuitive gifts and messages.  So there is always a certain amount of personal responsibility, choice and awareness as one moves forward.


The guides also say that your stomach and heart will guide you to determine yes or noinformation to questions you may have about life. Sensations of warmth, excitement and enthusiasm felt in the heart all mean ‘yes’ this decision or situation is for my highest good. Feelings of resistance, coldness, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty that often pull us in the solar plexus stomach area means ‘no’ this is not for my highest good or I need to pause to get more information.


As this session continues to integrate the guides invite you to let go of expectations of ‘controlled outcomes’ and simply allow your spiritual support team to help you more easily by listening to and choosing to receive the messages that they are giving you. And then making choices to honor what you are getting and see what unfolds!


As well as pay attention to your dreams and any sudden synchronicities that may begin to crop up in your life. As these are also signs from your higher self and from your heavenly support team. ♥

That is all the messages that came in for this session.

Please enjoy the essence of the flowers that were used in today’s lightwave grid that are growing in my personal garden. They will stay on the altar for 7 days with your names to strengthen this blessing.



どうか花のエッセンスを楽しんで下さい。私の庭で育った、今日のLightwave gridで使った花です。今日の祈りが強化されるように、これは7日間、あなたの名前と共に祭壇にかざります。


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