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message for Solstice Release

Greetings friends,

Thank you for joining us for today’s Lightwave Winter Solstice Release Blessing.

Here are the spirit messages to support with today’s blessing:  

本日は、Lightwave Winter Solstice ReleaseBlessingにご参加いただきありがとうございます。



Start of message:


Today’s spirit message centers around nurturing ourselves and each other. As we release all that no longer serves us, we must be mindful of our relationships. Some of our most difficult relationships are not necessarily meant to be released. And may simply be in need of nurturing in some way.



Relationships must be nourished in order to thrive. Count the abundant blessings of the relationships you do have. And find time to let other people know you care for them and appreciate them. Good relationships can be taken to new levels of happiness, and failing relationships can be revived with loving, care and attention. Also be sure to tend to your relationship with yourself. Nurture your soul by giving yourself self-care, self-love and appreciation.



For today’s group lightwave session we utilized frequencies and templates of the violet flame for transmutation, black tourmaline essence for clearing deeper stuck energies, Serapis Bey for energy and aura clearing, ‘Core fear matrix removal’ to clear anxiety and fear as well as clearing core fears, rosemary essence and rosemary flowers for cleansing and purification, rose essence to raise the vibration and release anxiety and lower vibes, as well as ‘3 Fold Flame of Christ’ template for transmuting resistance and fear while promoting unification and harmony. We also used ‘The template of understanding’ for expansion of mind and heart, as well as balancing the chakra system. And also used the ‘As above, so below template’ for releasing anxiety about the future & upgrading the ‘Human-Celestial blueprint, to support bridging heaven on earth.

今日のグループLightwaveセッションでは、トランスミューテーション(大きな変化)のために紫の炎の周波数とテンプレートを使いました。より深いスタックエネルギーをクリアするためのブラックトルマリンエッセンス、エネルギーとオーラをクリアするためのセラピスベイ(古代の知恵の大導師)、不安と恐怖をクリアするための「恐怖の根源消去」、そして本質を浄化するためにローズマリーエッセンスとローズマリーフラワー、振動を高めて不安と低い波動を解放するのローズエッセンス、そして統一と調和を促進しながら抵抗と恐怖を変えるための「3 Fold FlameofChrist(3つの祈りの炎)」テンプレート。また、チャクラシステムのバランスをとるだけでなく、心と心の拡張のために「理解のテンプレート」を使用しました。また、「禅の存在は1つのテンプレート」を使用して、将来への不安を解放し、「人間と天体の設計図」をアップグレードして、地球上の天国の橋渡しをサポートしました。



Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for a few days after this session, to support with full integration of the high infusion lightwave frequencies. Grounding will also help to anchor in the solstice energies, and help one to one to feel more refreshed and nurtured. Grounding can be accomplished by connecting to nature or  hugging a tree; which is very simple yet powerful way to integrate and balance energies any time that it is needed. Grounding also supports with dissipating excessive or overwhelming energies or fears.



We closed this group lightwave session today with some beautiful grounding red crystal essence, so that the energies can more fully anchor for participants for the solstice energies.


Again, the key message for this sessions is: Nurturing self and others.

Are you feeling nurtured by your relationships? If not, then how can you bring more nurturing into these  relationships.

If you are not feeling nurtured and unable to create change by sharing nourishment in specific relationships. Then perhaps it is time to nurture yourself, and simply let go!

The lightwave frequencies will support your soul in letting go where it is needed the most. And moving out of unhealthy relationships or situations that can no longer support your soul or life path. If you created a release list for our ceremony today, this list has also been blessed energetically through the power of this session.











Also remember to be kind to yourselves. It has been an intense year, and you are completely worthy of love and your heart’s desires!

As more space is created through the releasing of stagnant energies or obstacles through this ‘Solstice Lightwave Release Blessing. 

There will be more space automatically created  for new blessings and miracles to enter into your life.







End of group message.

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