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Greetings friends,

Thank you for joining us energetically for today’s – Lightwave Spring Equinox Energetic Clearing.

今日はLightwaveSpring Equinox Energetic Clearingに精力的にご参加いただきありがとうございます-

Here are the spirit messages to support with today’s blessing:  



Start of message:


Today’s oracle message is around ‘possibilities’:



When you feel stuck or wish to create change or new directions there are always possibilities within your reach. Each day offers several pathways to create change and shift things up. Every choice you make is an opportunity to open new possibilities. Ways to shift choices can include any of the following:


1. Shifting perspective in how things are viewed from positive, neutral or negative light.



2. When running errands, taking time to connect with new faces, not just people you know.



3. Taking a new route to regular or new destinations.



4. Re-evaluating beliefs about your capabilities.



5. If in a difficult situation, choosing to release feelings of resentment and look for the positives.



6. Taking time to stop and smell the flowers and receive new inspiration.



7. Challenging the self to set new limits or to start new projects. 



8. New choices in diet or what to wear can change how we feel about ourselves and open up new energies.



9. Instead of focusing on what one does not have, choosing to appreciate what one has, can open our hearts and our fields to new possibilities…



10. Continuing to change something regularly with perspective, beliefs, routes, schedules, paths or projects helps us so that we do not become stagnant.



A simple or large change can bring about new possibilities in life. Change can also push one out of their comfort zone, however change is the space where miracles and new opportunities can surface and arise. 



New possibilities show up with each choice that we make, which gives us the power to effect change in our lives and to create more of the kind of world we wish, or to allow us to experience new and different possibilities for spiritual growth.



Affirmation for group ceremony: I am thankful for my immeasurable possibilities.




Today we used energetic lightwave infusions of the Violet Flame for transmutation of density, Black Tourmaline essence for removing heavy imprints, Mystical Merlinite essence for transmutation and clearing, Power Core Activation circuit for clearing root chakra to delete past life blockages and return prosperity, Array of Light to redesign perceptions and open new potentials and possibilities, Fleur De Lys to enhance manifesting, Pleiadian Creativity Matrix to bring new inspiration, clear blockages and enhance creativity, St. Germain’s Magic Castle for alchemy and new blueprints, Emotional Body Matrix to clear distortions and negative patterns in the emotional body, Gold essence for prosperity and abundance.



Be open to allowing the lightwave frequencies to integrate for your benefit over the next several days and weeks. 2022 is going to be a year of quickening, new relationships and new foundations will start to form while old foundations and toxic relationships will crumble! Allow what no longer serves your highest good and well-being to release from your life. This creates space for the new blessings, possibilities, opportunities and gifts going into the new year of 2022!

今後数日から数週間にわたって、光波周波数を統合してメリットを得ることができるように心がけてください。 2022年は加速の年になり、古い基盤と有毒な関係が崩壊する一方で、新しい関係と新しい基盤が形成され始めます!もはやあなたの最高の幸福に役立たないものがあなたの人生から離れるのを許してください。これにより、2022年の新年に向けて、新しい祝福、可能性、機会、贈り物のためのスペースが生まれます。



End of group message.


Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for the next few days to support with full integration of the high infusion lightwave frequencies.  


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