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Letting Go! Contorol

Greetings friends,

Thank you for joining us energetically for today’s Peace, Power and Serenity Lightwave Blessing.



Here are the spirit messages to support with today’s blessing:  



Start of message:


Letting Go! 


Today’s message is to be mindful of the energies of control, and to make a conscious effort to relinquish a tight grip on how you may think the world and everyone in it should be. Letting go is a spiritual, emotional and mental process of releasing yourself to the Universal Spirit of love. It is giving up your need to control the outcome of every situation and the control of people you hold most dear.



This time can be difficult, however spirit asks you to have faith. Have faith that the universe will guide you and send forth the outcomes that are needed for your journey.



Prayer affirmation: Great Spirit, please give me the strength to let go of all that I cling to. Divinely guide my thoughts, words, and actions with love and understanding!



Today we used energetic lightwave infusions of orange for upliftment, yellow and pink calcite for relaxation and peace, rose for uplift, Archangel Uriel for peace, Lavender for relaxation, angel wings for serenity, Mighty heart of fire for heart opening and positive connections, Heartsong for enthusiasm and Joy. as well as gold light for miracles and harmony. We also brought in the energies of harmony, peace, serenity and personal power with tigers eye infusion to help strengthen the energies of this session.



Be open to allowing the lightwave energies to continue supporing for your benefit, and remember to breathe deeply when confronted with a difficult situation or person. A deep breath can bring a sense of calm and allow for a fuller grounding going into the holidays.


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11月25日 Lightwave Activation Healingのメッセージ


Perspective is everything!



Today’s message is to be mindful of the opinions, beliefs and assumptions being made about situations, people or events unfolding in your life. Many of these perspectives stem from family, culture, education and experiences from the past. As you choose to shift your perspectives, especially choosing to look for the positive and blessings in any situation. This will seep into all areas of your life; thus rewarding you with even greater blessings, harmony, and miracles unfolding into your life.



Affirmation from todays blessing: As I shift my perspective, my world opens to positivity and possibility.



Today we used energetic lightwave infusions of string magic for abundance, prosperity, and drawing in personal wishes and desires for the entire group. We also used shamrock magic for increasing luck in all areas of life, for blessings and energy support to help manifest wishes. We utilized the frequency of Ganesh to remove obstacles, white light and angel frequencies for blessings and activating spiritual support for manifesting wishes, in addition to the violet flame to remove obstacles and transmute density so that more space is available to manifest wishes.




Be open to how the universe will bring in your wish, follow your inner guidance, and pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Your wish may manifest sooner or later than you anticipate, or otherwise in a fashion that supersedes desires for the highest outcomes. However all wishes have been blessed for members, and have the power to increase in your life, and to manifest very quickly in your reality, timely or in perfect divine timing. So stay open to receive!




Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for the next few days to support with full integration of the high infusion lightwave frequencies.  


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