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Autumnal Equinox ceremony 2021 Trust your inner voice:

You are being invited to move beyond illusions of fear, so that you can focus more on your priorities and what is serving you on your path. Whatever suffering has occurred must eventually come to an end, so that you can acknowldege how you really feel and what has occured, in order to move beyond it. All acts of kindness and goodness will benefit you now, and your current situation. You may begin to have new thoughts to solve issues in your life, home or relationships or career. These inspirations are being sent to you from your inner guidance. Trust your deep inner connection to source, and move forward accordingly.




Today we used energetic lightwave infusions of shamrock magic for increasing luck in all areas of life, assistance for blessings and energy support to improve relationships difficulties, legal problems, financial issues, job issues or emergency situations. We also used 5D Human neutral network template to support with dissolving lower thoughts and increasing higher thoughts and quick processing. We also used ‘the science of miracles’ template to bring more joy, reverence and creativity. In addition, lightwave infusions of golden light were utilized for prosperity, money luck, and spiritual insight. We also utilized fluorite template to help strengthen intuition and foresight, pegasus template for magical inspiration and rising above difficulties in addition to the essence of rose for gentle cleansing, heart healing and harmonizing relationships.




All participant’s wishes and wish lists were blessed today during this lightwave ceremony.



The following is an affirmation you are invited to embrace in support of today’s group clearing session:



Affirmation: “I embrace power in coming to my center. I am grounded, secure, and moving forward by trusting my intuition and heart center.


Updated: 2021年9月23日 — 12:52 PM

Lightwave Summer Purification

The time is now, and the energy is supporting you all to make big changes in your life! Blessing are on their way, and new doors will be opening for your benefit soon. You are invited to go where you have not gone before. If you are thinking of changing locations, jobs, houses or attitudes, or trying something new, the universe is supporting you. Now is the time to accept the unexpected blessings coming your way.



Regardless of any confusion or chaos that may be showing up in the outer world. You are invited to go within, and to open your heart. Take long deep breaths more often, open to gratitude, and focus on what brings you joy, in order to open the heart more fully. Your heart brings blessings and miracles of joy for self and others. Your heart can also guide you in the direction of your deepest soul desires and highest path and calling. Now is the time! No more holding back. You are supported fully by the universe to follow your inner calling, and to allow your heart to guide you into your deepest truths. You are also encouraged to connect to new experiences and people who support your well-being, empowerment and abundance.



Exciting changes are coming. Give yourself permission to receive the blessings. You are supported and safe. The lightwave infusions we brought in today will continue to support you for the coming several days and weeks ahead. Especially as you choose to step into the unknown of your heart and inner calling, you will be guided and supported in amazing ways. Go for what you really want! Now is the time!





Today we utilized the following energy infusions, to bring in favorable frequencies for all participants including: Shamrock Magic for good luck and prosperity, The science of miracles for joy, reverence and creativity, Persian crystal skull – for clearing old wounds and opening to magic, Princess Kwan-Yin for inner peace, emotional clarity, Violet Flame for transmutation and clearing density as well as clearing old karma, Sage for clearing space, Palo Santo for clearing heavy energies, Dragons Blood for clearing any toxic cords, entities or deep wounds,  Blessed red crystal flower essence for grounding, root chakra support and abundance.

幸運と繁栄のためのシャムロックの魔法。喜び、畏敬の念と創造性のための奇跡の科学。ペルシャの水晶髑髏、これは古い傷を取り除き、魔法への路を開きます、観音は内なる平和、感情の明晰さ。変容としこりを除去し、古いカルマを浄化するための Violet Flame 。空間の浄化のためのセージ、重苦しいエネルギーの除去のためのパロサント、有害な結びつきや実体、深い傷を除去するためのドラゴンズブラッド、グラウンディング、ルートチャクラのサポートと豊かさのための祝福された赤い水晶の花のエッセンス。



All of the wish lists have been blessed today, as well as any intentions participants may have made silently or out loud. We also asked for clarity to be revealed where there is none, and miracles to open up for all participants.



Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for a few days after this session, to support with full integration of the high infusion lightwave frequencies.



We closed this group lightwave session today with grounding infusions of frankincense, cedar and myyr to help bring solid grounding, sense of safety and nurturing for all participants. We also brought in white and golden light to blanket all participants. So that the beneficial lightwave frequencies utilized today may integrate for the highest good of all, over the coming several days/weeks.


Updated: 2021年6月26日 — 2:28 PM

The space has been cleared

Today’s spirit message is about moving forward with something you may have been putting off or procrastinating with. The space has been cleared for you to receive further signs, synchronicities, and coincidences to propel you forward and take action or movement forward with your dreams and goals.



Your awareness is also expanding and you are ready to receive the benefits of the wisdom found within you, and the gifts that you have been bestowed by creator.



While it may feel comfortable to retreat or continue doing what has been. So much more is available for you now. Divine guidance is with you every step of the way to assist where you need to be or want to go. Stay in the flow and listen to forthcoming signs and synchronicities, as well as follow your heart and tap into your inner joy by doing what you love!



New possibilities and adventures await!



The following is an affirmation you are invited to embrace in support of today’s group clearing session:



Affirmation: “I AM grateful for my past experiences, good and hard. I embrace the lessons learnt and now move forward courageously.”


Updated: 2021年3月24日 — 10:39 AM
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