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1月28日 Lightwave に参加した人たちへのメッセージ


Congratulations on opening to receiving divine abundance!



Here are the spirit messages to support in integrating the Receiving divine abundance lightwave group activation for today. But first I just would like to share, that we were visited by Saint Germain today, as well as Tesla, the archetype of Mona Lisa, Archangel Chamuel and horse spirit medicine to represent freedom today during the session. As well the the Ashtar command, Pleidieans, Arcturians, The Great White Brotherhood and dolphin spirit medicine came in as well for opening to love. We also bi-located to Cathedral Rock Sedona today during part of this session as a group. To anchor the energies on a higher dimensional frequency or level. Making it easier to bypass the conscious mind where resistance is stored. And receive downloads from a higher dimension.


まずここで私がシェアしたいのは、サンジェルマン、テスラ、モナリザの元になった人、大天使チャムエル、自由を意味する馬の精霊が本日のセッション中に訪れたことです。アシュター、プレアデス星人、アークトゥルス星人、Great White Brotherhood とイルカの精霊も愛のために心を解放しようとやってきました。より高次元周波数ののエネルギーに繋がるために私たちはグループセッションの間、セドナのカテドラルロックに行きました(精神体として)。そこでは抵抗がある意識をバイパスするが簡単になります。そしてより高い次元から受け取ったものをダウンロードします。


As messages come through during any lightwave session, they may come from a variety of guides however are always filtered through my higher self. And sometimes the messages come in short phrases, symbols or imagery. Which  are convey to the group as a whole. And then relayed to the recipients. There were just a few messages today, as I was told getting out of the mind will help to anchor the blessings and open up to trust more fully. Here are the messages delivered today for receiving divine abundance blessing:




Take of the mask.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Ask for support.

You are hiding.

You are worthy of abundance.







We also drew an oracle card today to help the group integrate the energies of this session: It is as follows:



Trust: 信頼

“Society programs us to believe in things. We are told to believe in our parents, our teachers, the government, religious institutions, and God. The one thing we are never encouraged to do is to trust in our One Self.

A person who trusts their One Self may appear to others as unpredictable and uncontrollable because such a person moves in their own unique way.



Trust is the result of finding our own center, our essential being, when we trust our One self. We come to know our inner beauty, which blossoms. We experienced a relaxed, calm, settled, and authentic state.



Trust implies we aren’t confusing our identity with projected aspects of the egoic mind. We aren’t resisting life by clinging. Instead we are relaxing surrendering to the external expression of our essential truth.

信頼とは、私たちのアイデンティティーをエゴイックな心の投影した側面と混同しているわけではありません。 私たちは、執着することによって人生に抵抗しているわけではありません。 代わりに、私たちは本質的な真実の外部表現に囲まれることでくつろいでいます。


In other words, trust is faith, which is simply the absence of doubt. To have faith, we don’t have to “do” anything, only to surrender to our center, allowing life to be.

The problem is that most people confuse faith with belief, which is the polar opposite of doubt. When we don’t’ trust in our One self we have to compensate for this with belief. For instance, we might tell ourselves “I believe in God” I believe I’m OK. I believe in myself. “ Paradoxically, such a belief implies a doubt within. Our belief may be nothing more than an emotional state, a strategy to cope with a painful situation.





With faith, or trust, there’s no resistance to anything. This is because trust isn’t and act, but rather an attitude. To trust is a characteristic of the heart, a vibration of love, which unconditionally accepts and embraces everything. Once we trust in our One Self, we can trust existence, all of nature, the whole life.




When we rediscover trust in our own center, then and only then can we discover trust ? not belief ? in the center of others, based on our essential oneness with them. To trust and be trusted is an intristic human quality. Natural trust elicits respect from people.

If trust is the house we live in, love is us inside the house. When we dwell, there we are open, guiless, deceive innocent, Yet we have complete ‘knowing’ which means no one can deceive us. Consequently, while caution is normal when dealing with external three dimensional world, we are free of fear. An encounter with another person only becomes challenging if we doubt our inner knowing.

With trust, our life becomes authentic. Indeed, once we feel the energy of trust, the whole universe vibrates within us, manifesting its truth through us.”




End of message.

Each of you also received (with permission from your higher self) a beautiful etheric crystal in your third eye today from your loving guides, who will run a program in your consciousness to dissolve limiting thought forms and patterns that will run for 11 days. And during this process, will infuse your energy field with prosperity consciousness and abundance. As the guides indicated that this session will integrate best as a process occurring over the next few weeks. As well information or integration may occur spontaneously through dreams, thoughts or visions as a result of this session.To help in anchoring this blessing as a process.

Your names will stay on the prosperity altar for 11 days to help strengthen the power of this session with beautiful flowers as well.

Here is to a new start of receiving divine abundance!






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