Here are the spirit messages to support with this month’s blessing:

Start of message:

Today’s oracle message is about Inward Revolution.

“You are always moving forward, even when you feel like you are going backwards. Your path may seem to go up and down or inward and outward. The spiral is the symbol of your soul’s journey. It represents the cyclical adventure into your heart centre. You will continually revisit aspects of your life to bring you to deeper understanding. Difficulties and challenges can command a greater focus as they help to build bigger and better dreams and desires. Each cycle of life is an important stepping stone that expands into the next. Your life will only feel authentic when you come to your own conclusions. An inward revolution will open you to the wisdom of your soul. It is a path we must take to truly know and love ourselves. From this place, we move outward, back into the world, empowered with our soul’s wisdom. You are worthy of all you desire, no matter where you are in your spiral.”





Affirmation to support with this equinox lightwave group blessing: I am worthy of  having and experiencing all of my hearts desires.
Or ….
I am worthy of having ____________________________.

私は、__________________________ を持つ価値があります。

I used the following lightwave frequencies and energetic infusions today to support with this group lightwave session which was sent to all participants today through quantum energy:

Emotional Body Matrix for emotional balance and support. Fleur De Lys for protection and prosperity enhancements. Archangel Uriel for harmony,  willpower, peace and divine light. Angel Dumah for peace and self-reflection. Circle of Life for optimism and joy. The Creation of Life for emotional balance and freedom. Assistance Template for blessings and energy support wherever it is needed the most for each participant. The violet flame for transmutation and clearing. Green and gold ray for abundance and prosperity. Miracle frequency for unexpected miracles to bless each participant. Clarity and flow for building momentum for each participant moving forward into the fall season.


感情体マトリックスは感情のバランスとサポートのため。フルール・ド・リス(フランスの貴族の象徴)は装飾的なフルールドリス3Dモデル - TurboSquid 1762853保護と繁栄の向上のため。大天使ウリエルは調和、意志力、平和、神聖な光のため。エンジェル・デュマ(イスラムの天使、市の沈黙と静寂の天使 )は平和と自己反省のため。サークル・オブ・ライフ(輪廻転生のシンボル)は楽観と喜びのため。クリエイション・オブ・ライフ(生命創造のシンボル)は感情のバランスと自由のため。補助テンプレートは、参加者それぞれに最も必要な場所で祝福とエネルギーサポートを提供するため。紫の炎は変容と浄化のため。緑と金の光は豊かさと繁栄のため。奇跡の周波数は、各参加者に祝福の予期せぬ奇跡をもたらすため。クラリティとフローは、秋の季節に向けて前進する参加者それぞれに運動の勢いを築くため。

The energy of worthiness for the group wanted to be addressed today. This is a theme that may affect the emotional center or heart chakra. Some of you may have been experiencing exhaustion, feeling low on energy, depression, lack of inspiration, hopelessness or despair, anxiety, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, or heart issues. Underneath any physical manifestations the issue of lack of worthiness wanted to be addressed today for the entire group. So I brought in the essence or rose and pink flame today for all participants to strengthen the energies of self-worth and worthiness. This will support each participant in receiving their hearts desires and embracing full worthiness to claim dreams, goals and desires.


It is advised, if possible, to support integration of equinox energies for the next week or so, to relax, try not to overextend self, yet honoring some movement or exercise or dance to help with energy flows, adequate hydration or water intake, any type of self-care such as massage or bubble bath can help ground energies. As well as time spent in nature, especially with bare feet to sand, dirt, water, mother earth for grounding.


The group lightwave activation today will support all participants in integrating the powerful energies of the equinox. Any wishes sent or held in one’s heart have been activated through today’s group lightwave session.

Be open to allowing the light wave frequencies to integrate for your highest benefit over the next several days and weeks. And stay open to helpful people, opportunities and new gifts that may begin to open up in your life following the weeks to come. As new blessings and miracles are destined to come into each participant’s life after this equinox activation. And spirit sends out a reminder, that appreciation brings increase and abundance into one’s life.



End of group message.

Your names will stay on the light wave altar for 7 days to help strengthen the power of this light wave session with beautiful fresh flowers to support strengthening this Autumn Activation Group Lightwave Blessing as we move forward into the fall season.