Today’s oracle message is about Manifesting in the new energy.


A new golden frequency is penetrating the planet through planetary, galactic and solar changes that happen once every 26,000 years. This means that manifesting and the laws of attraction are changing and the way that we manifest now on this planet is starting to shift. Although the mechanics of this shift are quantum and challenging for many people to understand. There is a way to connect with this new energy more fully and manifest with it.


A key way to align with the new energy is through trust, surrender, heart and attention. This means trusting that one will have their desired goal or something better, surrendering into the divine or unknown, focusing on the heart of gratitude for what is showing up and what is being received, and focusing more attention on what is wanted than what is not wanted.


In the old energy manifesting happened through the energy of control or controlling thoughts and trying to control outcomes.


In the new energy we must learn to let go of control and learn to surrender into the divine without controlling outcomes so that this higher energy can support us with revealing the highest outcomes. Many times, the highest outcomes are beyond our wildest dreams, yet we block these dreams from manifesting if we are trying to control outcomes in the new energy. So, learning to surrender is key. The opposite of control is surrender and because many people on planet earth are still trying to control outcomes and manifest using old energy. There is much uncertainty, confusion, grief and sadness circulating the planet.


A beautiful affirmation which can be said to support the new energies, the solstice and the start of summer is as follows:


All of my needs are met even before I ask. I always have extra love, money, energy, joy and inspiration to share with myself and others. OR….


All of my needs are met even before I ask. I always have extra ___________________ (you fill in the blank).


Key for manifesting in the new energy is to focus on what is wanted taking attention off what is not wanted as spiritual practice. 


Also, key is letting go of how what is wanted will be manifested. While placing focus on manifestation as if it already has arrived. Statements such as ‘this or something better’ can open the door for beyond one’s wildest dreams to manifest as well.


The group lightwave activation today will support all participants in utilizing the new golden frequency and anchoring in the blessing of solstice. Prayers and lightwave infusions were also sent for each participant to bring in more flow, strength, inspiration, prosperity, creativity, abundance, joy, synchronicity, renewed energy and positive movement forward.

今日のグループlightwave activationは、参加者全員が新しい黄金の周波数を活用し、夏至の祝福にアンカリングすることをサポートする。また、より多くの流れ、強さ、インスピレーション、繁栄、創造性、豊かさ、喜び、シンクロニシティ、新たなエネルギー、前向きな前進をもたらすために、参加者一人ひとりに祈りと光波注入が送られました。

I used the following lightwave frequencies and energetic infusions today to support with this group lightwave session which was sent to all participants through quantum energy:


Geometries of Self Discovery for confidence and personal success, The Science of Miracles for joy, reverence and creativity, Changes to clear fears and unconscious stress, New Financial System for clearing poverty consciousness and aligning with the new golden frequency of manifesting abundance, String Magic: Abundance and Prosperity for money and abundance magnetizer, Archangel Gabriel for inspiration and Guidance, 2 Fold Flame for Power Love and Wisdom, Atlantis Crystal skull template for unification into the Unity Consciousness and Solstice integration.


The solar plexus or stomach area for the group wanted extra focus today. Some of you may have been experiencing nausea, poor digestion, fear, lack of confidence, stomach issues, worry, stress or doubt lately. So I brought in some lemon energies to help balance the solar plexus today. I also brought in infusions of hematite and nuummite for grounding solstice energies. As well the energetic essence of Patchouli and vetiver for grounding, supporting grounding solstice energies as well as for support with grounding manifestations into physical reality. I brought in the violet flame as well for clearing fears and transmuting blockages.


It is advised, if possible, to support integration of solstice energies for the next week or so, to relax, try not to overextend self, yet honoring some movement or exercise to help with energy flows, adequate hydration or water intake, any type of self-care such as massage or bubble bath can help ground energies. As well as time spent in nature, especially with bare feet to sand, dirt, water, mother earth for grounding. 

Much of what was cleared today during the group light wave session for participants was general fears, family patterning causing resistance, limitations, solar plexus, root chakra and throat chakra imbalances. As well as some third eye stagnation and a belief that there is never enough. Especially a belief that there is never enough money. This is old programming from the old energy and so this group activation session today will support all participants into tapping into the new energy of abundance and aligning with more flow.

本日のグループlightwave activationでは、参加者向けにクリアリングされた内容の大部分は、一般的な恐怖、家族のパターンによる抵抗、制限、太陽神経叢、ルートチャクラ、喉のチャクラのバランスの崩れでした。また、一部の人には第三の眼の停滞や、十分ではないという信念もありました。特に、お金が十分にないという信念があります。これは古いエネルギーの古いプログラミングですので、今日のグループアクティベーションセッションは、すべての参加者が豊かさの新しいエネルギーにアクセスし、より流れに合わせることをサポートします。

Affirmation for group ceremony: I am overflowing with abundance, prosperity and joy. I always have more than enough money and enjoy sharing abundance with others.


Be open to allowing the light wave frequencies to integrate for your highest benefit over the next several days and weeks. And stay open to helpful people, opportunities and new gifts that may begin to open up in your life following the weeks to come. New blessings are destined to come into your life after this solstice activation and gratitude is the frequency which fuels abundance!

これから数週間にわたり、lightwave の周波数が最大の利益のために統合されることに開かれていてください。また、この時期に続いて人々の助け、機会、新たな贈り物にも開かれていることを心に留めてください。新たな祝福はこの夏至のアクティベーションの後にあなたの人生に訪れる運命にあり、感謝は豊かさを養う周波数です!

End of group message.

Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for the next few days to support full integration of the high infusion light wave frequencies.  

Your names will stay on the light wave altar for 7 days to help strengthen the power of this light wave session with beautiful fresh flowers to support strengthening this Summer Activation Group Lightwave Blessing as we move forward into the summer season. 

Many Blessings!