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Overthinking can often create anxiety, overwhelm or an endless task of things to do. It’s important to wind down the mind each day, and get into the heart. This can be accomplished through prayer, gratitude, appreciation, listening to your favorite music or otherwise turning off the computer, news, social media and other forms of artificial intelligence. Be still in silence and focus on something beautiful or joyful. Smile and breathe fully. Now you are in the heart. And there is nothing pressing to do. Except to enjoy the moment.  

考えすぎると、不安、圧倒、または終わりのない仕事が生まれることがよくあります。 毎日心を落ち着かせ、核心に入ることが重要です。 これは、祈り、感謝の気持ち、感謝の態度、お気に入りの音楽を聴くこと、またはコンピューター、ニュース、ソーシャルメディア、その他の形式の人工知能をオフにすることで実現できます。 沈黙を保ち、美しいものや楽しいものに集中してください。 笑顔でしっかりと呼吸してください。 すると、あなたは核心に入ります。 そこではやるべきことは何もありません。 その瞬間を楽しむことを除いて。

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Lightwave セッションの後のメッセージ


Greetings friends,


Thank you for joining us for today’s Achieving Dreams and Goals group Lightwave Blessing.


Here are the spirit messages to support with today’s blessing:  


今日のAchieveingDreams andGoalsグループLightwaveBlessingにご参加いただきありがとうございます。




Start of message:


Today’s divine message is around finding support through feelings of loneliness or isolation. Often when we feel that we cannot achieve our goals or dreams, there is an underlying feeling of frustration or loneliness lurking somewhere beneath the surface. It could also be that we feel mis-understood by someone or some colleague, partner, family,  friend or group. This then can generate feelings of loneliness, isolation, or feelings of lack of support.




God (source energy) created humans to connect with and to support one another. As we are not meant to do everything on our own. If however, needs have gone unmet in the past, or if there has ever been neglect or being overlooked from the past. One might believe that they will never get what they want, or develop self defeating patterns of unworthiness. We set the intention to clear these type of limiting beliefs for today’s session. To empower expanded self-worth for 2021, for those who need or desire it.

神(エネルギー源)は、互いにつながり、支え合うために人間を創造しました。すべてを自分で行うことを意図しているわけではありません。ただし、過去に満たされていない場合、または過去から無視されたり見落とされたりしたことがある場合、人は自分が望むものを決して手に入れられないとか、自分が無価値と感じ自滅的なパターンに陥る人がいるかも知れません。私たちは、今日のセッションのために、これらのタイプの制限された信念をクリアする目的を設定しました。 2021年に自分の価値を高め、あるいは自分の価値を高めることが必要な人、または望む人々のために力を与えることです。


The universe also wants for each of you to know that you are worthy of your heart’s desires. It is safe to let go of the past and develop trust in the universe.  In fact, regardless of how you feel about achieving your dreams and goals. Spiritual support is all around you, and your prayers have been heard and will be answered in divine timing.



Through the lightwave infusions sent today for the benefit of the entire group. A multi-dimensional wave of energy is integrating for your benefit, to open up helpful people, helpful situations and amazing synchronicities for the coming year of 2021 ahead, to support you on your path. And to help you energetically achieve your dreams and goals.




Today we utilized the following energy templates, to bring in favorable frequencies for participants including: Heartsong for enthusiasm and joyful life, Mighty Heart of Fire for promoting open heart and connections, The Living Ankh to remove obstacles, Spiritual Assistance for providing blessings and energy support, Blue Starfire for renewed energy and power, and the Cosmic Essence for heart purification and true destiny support.




As each of you are willing to trust that blessings are coming your way. This trust builds faith in your spiritual support teams which cultivates a flow of expansion. Also be sure not to overlook helpful people, helpful situations and amazing synchronicities coming your way. As through the attitude of ‘gratitude’ and ‘appreciation’ even more help, blessings and support can be sent your way. 

あなた方一人一人が、祝福があなた方にやってくると信じています。この信頼は、拡大の流れを育むあなたのスピリチュアルサポートチームへの信頼を築きます。役立つ人々、役立つ状況、驚くべきシンクロニシティを見逃さないようにしてください。 「感謝」の態度がさらに助けになり、祝福とサポートをあなたの人生に送ることができます。



All of the wish lists have been blessed, as well as any intentions participants may have made silently or out loud. We also asked for clarity to be revealed where there is none, and miracles to open up for all participants.




Please be sure to stay adequately hydrated for a few days after this session, to support with full integration of the high infusion lightwave frequencies.




We closed this group lightwave session today with some beautiful gratitude frequencies to help anchor in the miracles already coming everyone’s way!


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来週のメッセージ focus on expands


Be mindful that whatever we focus on expands. As we move into the new year, there will be unlimited possibilities opening up, especially for those who choose to focus on expansion. If there is contraction, it may be a sign to let go, choose another path, or wait for divine timing.

拡大するものにフォーカスすることを覚えておいて下さい。 私たちが新年を迎えるにつれ、特に拡大にフォーカスすることを選択した人々にとって、無限の可能性が開かれるでしょう。 収縮がある場合、それは手放すか、別の道を選ぶか、あるいは神のタイミングを待つ兆候かもしれません。

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